Objects produced with compounds

Our company specialises in the production of rubber parts for industrial use, providing customers with extensive experience gained directly in the field, and with innovative solutions that can adapt to any production needs.

Gaskets, joints, sleeves, bellows and anti-vibration mounts: many names for many needs. For many years, we have created rubber parts that allow your machinery to work efficiently, and every day we strive to find tailored solutions for every customer.

We prepare equipment according to designs or samples and, at our in-house workshop, we study the most suitable material for the production of each project: compression moulding and transfers, as well as rubber-metal connections, hot jointing of drawn pieces, with post-curing treatments, maintaining competitive prices while ensuring good results.

CHEMICALLY... are you looking for a solution or do you have a specific need?

PHYSICALLY... do you have difficult or extreme application conditions?

DYNAMICALLY... are you elastic, damping or low creep?

AND IN TERMS OF TIMEFRAMES... do you have time? Here, we always have an answer.

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